Monday, October 20, 2014

Project Hub!

After noticing that all my shorter blog post snapshots were getting spammed with the project footers, I figured I should clean things up and just make a single link in my footer to a post where you can find links to all my projects (this post).

Introduction Post.  My initial post when I started my sabbatical.  It explains what I'm doing and why!

Project 1 was probably my largest project.  A hand-painted diffuse-only interior environment.

Project 2 was supposed to be a small Skyrim mod but was cancelled after my teammate could not afford the time to complete his side of things, namely implementation of assets into the Creation Kit.

Project 2.5 - Hard Surface Stuff 

Project 3 was Borderlands fan art.  I modeled a weapon case themed after the Jakobs weapon line.

Project 4 was an asset pack for the Unity Asset Store.  A bunch of mineral deposits.

Project 5 was my first real stab at PBR materials.  A "shadow box" representing all the ribbons and medals I received while serving in the Air Force.

After project 5, I couldn't figure out what to do.  Rather than flounder for days and days, I decided to clear my mind with a mini project that was based on a prop from Futurama.

Project 6 was the Polycount Noob Challenge #3

Sabbatical Postmortem!

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