Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 26

I'm almost done!  Here's whats left:

  • Texture the Ladder
  • Add label to circuit breaker panel
  • Implement translucent shader for glass/plastic bottles
  • Model a box & put stuff in it
  • Move some assets around
  • General tweaking of texture values as needed
  • Ambient effects
  • Test & bake lighting
  • Beauty shots

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  1. Looking very nice! The lighting is turning out much brighter than I could see on the hangout.

    A few things that stand out to me right now:

    The proportions of the door seem a bit off. I know the size of a door can vary but your average door is a bit thinner than that. The way it is gives that section of the room a playhouse kind of vibe.

    I would like to see some more atmospheric effects like some haze and dust in the air in the final renders and maybe even a more prominent light coming from the upstairs room with some light streaks. With that in mind, having the hanging lights create a cone of light in the atmosphere would look nice too.

    Apart from the individual objects having their own wear, the room itself doesn't seem to have much grunge or age to it; it seems pretty clean. It might help to add some cobwebs and if possible, a layer of dust on everything somehow. I think some shiny dark reflective puddle decals on the cement would do some good too. And maybe a few cracks and water stains on the walls to give the room some more detail and variation.

    The last thing I notice is the shadows on the weirs coming from the fuse box seem low rez or not showing properly. This is a problem with the light wires too. Maybe some SSAO to give it finer detail where you don't have any baked AO.

    I'm super excited to see the final version! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, glad it looks better than it did in the Hangouts.

      Door: The door has been taken care of, the proportions were also mentioned on Polycount!

      Particles, fog, etc. are my last stage of the project. I'll be getting to that later tonight actually! No cobwebs though, sorry. No time!

      Grunge: I'm looking into a shader that will overlay a perlin noise grunge map on top of my models.

      There is dust on lots of the more static objects such as the pipes, water heater, etc. but not so much on smaller things like boxes and jars and such.

      I'll look into adding some nice reflective water between the cracks in the cement slabs!

      Yeah, shadows are super basic right now. Really low lightmap resolution. Final render will have much better bakes.

      Fluorescent light: Yeah, I haven't fiddled with this light a whole lot. I agree it's too bright and the light isn't diffusing properly.

      I'm also going to fiddle with bounce light like you mentioned last night to brighten up the overall scene.

      Thanks again

  2. One other thing that I noticed is the fluorescent light. It seems to wash out all the detail in there and I think you could find a way of lighting that area that is truer to how that kind of light works.

    From what I've noticed from fluorescent lights is the bulb itself can become pretty bright and have a bit of a glow but the light it gives of isn't too strong and wouldn't seem to throw off a pure white light even on something right up next to it.

    I'm not sure exactly how you might fix this because I don't know how UDK works but maybe making the light tube luminescent then add a softer light around it might pull off the effect with out white washing that part of the room.