Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Whoops, I forgot to post updates for a bit!  Here's the thing: I have decided to postpone the gun project for the time being in order to get other things under way.  I've been very busy over the last couple weeks, so not much art to show.  I guess I should have expected as much during the holiday season.

I had always wanted my final project to be hand-painted, but I forgot to consider one thing: I haven't actually practiced my hand painting since the tavern project, so anything I do now would surely be below my standards for a portfolio piece!  That being said, my favorite artistic style has actually always been painterly styles like Wildstar, World of Warcraft, etc. and I'm rather upset that I didn't incorporate more if it into my studies over the year.

So, what I'll mostly be doing for the remainder of my break and up until GDC is hand painted texturing, and a few other small things here and there.  Right now I'm actually refurbishing my mining kit that I finished a few months ago.  I'm getting the materials set up for the new Unity5 shaders.

More to come!

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