Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 12

So here's a little update on the gun I have chosen.  It's obviously not a standard-issue anything, but according to the original Reddit post this thing is an AR-15 rifle modified to be classified as a pistol in order to sidestep certain gun laws.

Here are some basic facts about the gun:

The stock is not actually a stock, but rather an SB15 stabilizing brace.
The upper part is a VLTOR brand.
The lower part is a DDLES brand.
The handguard is also a DDLES.
The grip is a Nill brand.
It uses an Osprey silencer.
From what I could find, the scope seems to be a SPARC brand, red dot sight, with a special mount that gives it extra height.  I couldn't find an exact model.

I got the bracer mostly done but I think I'm going to redo those nine horizontal slats to make them more visible from a distance.  Hopefully the bracer is one of the harder pieces because man was it a pain in the ass to model.

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